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Discord link

Prejoin is geting ready to open for Magical Index! I just have to finish writing the info pages and finish up a few more script edits. Now that my internet is working I hope to have it done by this weekend. With that being said I figured I'd go a head and post this for those who are going to want to join.

You can go ahead and send in donations through discord, at least 30 screencaps no artwork. Just remember to check the Released and Unreleased decks first.
Also if there is a deck you want released for the opening of prejoin you can comment on discord and I will set it to released for you.

I don't have the information up for stamp cards or level badges yet so I'm not accepting donations for them just yet. However I have decided as a special treat for completeing trade cards I will be giving out wall scrolls. For these I want them to be artwork not screencaps